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Rubik's cube en France : je suis speedcuber et collectionneur, je propose des vidéos de tout genres de speedcubing.
je suis Savoyard et m'appelle Clément Cherblanc.

Je suis très actif par mail, pour toute demande commerciale, les infos sont juste là-dessous :

1.08 2x2 single

I wanna remove the video from my phone.
Les Franqueses 2019, I made a post about that stupid scramble and how the scramble had so many useless moves.

From Facebook:
Scramble: U R U' R' U' R U2 R' U R' F
In the middle of it, you have R U2 R' , this is basically just doing a U2 that you can do in the AUF: so the U in the beginning of the scramble can become a U' if we remove the R U2 R'
So the scramble becomes
U' R U' R' U' U R' F
Which simplifies to:
U' R U' R2 F

Now let's go back to the original scramble:
A solution to it is
F' R2 U R' U
This is the opposite of the scramble we just got above!

Now look at the video. This is the solution that I did, same for Juliette Sébastien, Noé Bourdon in Les Franqueses 2019.

Thanks Arthur for the vid.

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