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[FR] Heeya, c'est Marty! Cette chaine est dédiée essentiellement à Mario Kart, Minecraft, et bien d'autres! Je participe chaque semaine au tournoi de Mankalor ( voir son profil à droite ) sur Mario Kart 8, alors n'hésite pas à venir participer!
[EN] Hey it's Marty here! This channel is essentially containing videos about Mario Kart, Minecraft, and more! Each week, I come to Mankalor's ( see his profile to the right ) Mario Kart 8 Tournament, so feel free to join and have fun!

Chocobo-Chocobo! - Final Fantasy IV | Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Soundfont remix

"I, wanna ride my Doduo, all day..."


Hey lads!
Sorry for the lack of new videos, it's unfortunately not like I'm able to make any more than 1 video per month, streams appart.
Anyway, I was messing around with a soundfont and Midi player and found out that this song with these instruments sounds pretty cool. I may upload a few others later once i've polished them enough. Enjoy riding your Doduo!
And until next time~

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