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[FR] Heeya, c'est Marty! Cette chaine est dédiée essentiellement à Mario Kart, Minecraft, et bien d'autres! Je participe chaque semaine au tournoi de Mankalor ( voir son profil à droite ) sur Mario Kart 8, alors n'hésite pas à venir participer!
[EN] Hey it's Marty here! This channel is essentially containing videos about Mario Kart, Minecraft, and more! Each week, I come to Mankalor's ( see his profile to the right ) Mario Kart 8 Tournament, so feel free to join and have fun!

[WR] Asterix & Obelix XXL - Potion% ( 51min 55.68s )

Hello again!
This is the first entry to a new category we created in the XXL speedrun community, labelled "Potion%". Using a cheat, you are granted the Magic Potion powerup through the entire run while you control Asterix, allowing him to become invulnerable, move alot faster and perform triple jumps. Obelix cannot do any of these but can still fill up his combo bar faster...
Besides from being easier in general, this category shows how much it's difficult to make sure Obelix follows us and doesn't get stuck in an unloaded area when you switch back to him ( thus softlocking ), still, the challenge is worth it!
Get the cheat device at our page!

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